How to Plan Commercial Maintenance and Repairs in Fort Worth, Texas

How to Plan Commercial Maintenance and Repairs in Fort Worth, Texas

Substantial money and risk are involved when investing in commercial properties, which is why owners prefer to control major repairs and maintenance tasks.

While it's ideal to be in control, you don't have to handle maintenance and repairs on your own. 80% of property managers coordinate or do maintenance and repairs, among other property management tasks.

Scheduling when to complete routine inspections is beneficial from the perspective of legal compliance and safety.

Creating a plan also allows you to build a budget and find out how many dollars you have to allocate to repairs or unexpected costs each month.

Planning ahead of time allows for more efficiency and greater commercial tenant relations. Keep reading to learn the steps to get started.

Establish Guidelines for Emergencies

You should have a regular schedule for maintenance and repairs, but it's also important to have a plan in place for emergencies. Despite preventative maintenance, emergencies can arise at any time.

You should have established guidelines for responding to:

  • System failures
  • Natural disasters
  • Health emergencies

Your plan needs to include procedures for lockdown or evacuation, emergency contact information, and a process for communicating with emergency responders.

A commercial property manager can help you create and review these guidelines.

Hire Professional Contractors

Hiring experienced contractors for specialized repairs is a critical part of comprehensive building maintenance. Professionals can deliver results that rectify current issues and mitigate problems in the future.

You can have janitors and general repairmen on site to help with day-to-day tasks, but a specialized repair requires special services. For example, you'll need to connect with roofing contractors, plumbers, and HVAC specialists.

Paying for commercial rental property expenses like repairs might even be deductible on your end-of-the-year tax return. Keep your receipts and expense forms organized to benefit from deductions.

Create a Systematic Cleaning Schedule

To keep your maintenance budget low and increase property value, create a systematic cleaning schedule. Maintaining a clean and organized environment is key for business buildings.

A cleaning schedule ensures your building stays tidy which can promote staff productivity. In fact, 94% of workers report feeling more productive in a clean workplace.

Set routine cleaning tasks for your staff and establish a plan that doesn't hurt their productivity.

Daily tasks like taking out the trash and wiping down surfaces are simple enough. Schedule monthly tasks like deep cleaning floors to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

While you should encourage employees to clean messes throughout the day, it's always important to hire someone to clean the building when everyone leaves for the night.

Handling Commercial Maintenance and Repairs

As a property owner, you are responsible for some commercial maintenance and repairs. If you are an out-of-town owner or manage too many properties to handle everything yourself, property management services can help.

When you work with PMI Premier in Forth Worth, Texas, you benefit from expert commercial property managers who can handle maintenance and repairs, among other tasks.

Our winning property management services are yours for the taking. Contact us today to learn more.