3 Rental Property Marketing Strategies That Work in Dallas, Texas

3 Rental Property Marketing Strategies That Work in Dallas, Texas

How many of your properties currently sit vacant, collecting dust? Your vacant units can cost you money when they should be making you money. Before your vacancy rates start to rise, apply these property marketing tips.

With these strategies, you can reach renters in Dallas, TX before they even glance at other units. Help more people find your rental listing today!

1. Offer Great Experiences

A great tenant experience is one people will rave over. Your current tenants will post positive reviews online, which can help you appeal to future renters.

Businesses with over nine current reviews generate 52% more revenue than the average. Over 90% of consumers also trust peer recommendations.

Look for ways to improve the tenant experiences you offer. Take the time to learn from your existing tenants. Ask them for feedback and recognize ways to improve.

For example, perhaps you delay fulfilling maintenance requests. Neglecting maintenance could frustrate renters into leaving. You could end up with more vacant units if you're not meeting the needs of your renters.

Consider offering your current renters upgrades. Upgrading appliances or outdoor spaces can help you keep renters and appeal to new ones.

Ask your current tenants to share their reviews online. Add links to their reviews in your rental listing to generate trust with future renters.

2. Online Marketing

Online marketing can help you generate more brand awareness. Otherwise, people may not realize the rental listing is available.

Start by appearing in front of potential renters as they search for vacant units in Dallas. Nearly 70% of online experiences start with a search.

Use search engine optimization to optimize the rental listing using relevant keywords. Mention unique amenities. Go into depth to provide renters with the information they need.

Stage the property. Home staging will ensure you make a strong first impression.

Give your property listing a competitive edge by using technology. You can:

  • Show off floor plans
  • Provide 4k photos
  • Offering virtual tours
  • Share videos of the property

Use paid ads to appear in front of potential renters online. You can also show off photos of the listing on social media. A multi-faceted online marketing strategy will help attract more people to your listing.

3. Hire a Property Management Company

You don't have to create your property marketing strategy alone. Working with an experienced property manager could prove more effective.

Your property manager can handle all maintenance requests on your behalf. They'll improve tenant experiences, which could help you leverage word-of-mouth marketing.

They can also develop your online marketing strategy. Your property management company will review and optimize your campaigns so you don't have to. Instead, you can spend more time and attention building your real estate portfolio.

Effective Property Marketing in Dallas

A well-planned property marketing strategy can help you avoid high vacancy rates. Use these three strategies to start reaching new tenants. Otherwise, consider hiring a property management company.

With help, you can fill vacant units before competing landlords get the chance. Our team at PMI Premier has nearly 20 years of experience maximizing owner profitability. Contact us today to discuss our online marketing ideas!